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I found that when people look at virtual tours, they virtually don't know what they are looking at. Where is the kitchen in the house? Where in the home is the room that the panorama is showing ?
I have the answer!

Fullscreen Sample - Floor Plan is in upper right corner.

See why clients call my work the "Cadillac" of Virtual Tours


I also can make DVDs of a tour
I can make Combo Discs.

When our combo DVD disc is played on a computer,
the Virtual Tour plays.
When played on a DVD player that is connected to a TV,
the video version plays.
Great sales tool!

Have a home that you want documented for posterity?

See HDR Virtual Tours of
Solivita's latest model homes
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Video Made from Virtual Tour and placed on YouTube
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Take a tour of the grounds and buildings of
the Osceola Pioneer Village and Museum

in Kissimmee, Florida

Osceola Pioneer Museum

Flash Version
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The beautiful
Cheyenne Salooon and Opera House

(in what used to be Church Street Station)
Just reopened in February of 2008. Unfortunately, closed
again in March of 2009.
  Flash Version
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  Take a Tour of Family Fun Attractions
in Osceola County. Yes there are other things to
do besides the big attractions.
  Click to start tour

Is there any thing else to do here besides Disney?
You Bet! This ia a full screen tour of 3 Osceola County Attractions

that are family fun.


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