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Letter of Recommendation

We have requested the services of Kerry for many years to photograph our broker/owners personal properties and listings.  His work is always of the highest quality.  Homes ranging from average market price to well into the millions are both treated with the same respect and attention to detail.  Kerry’s virtual tours are always a step above the rest.  They are visually appealing to your eyes with a crisp clean look due to his exceptional lighting and attention to room detail.  Kerry is also always on the leading edge of technology allowing our tours to always have the latest and greatest features.  A great example is the virtual floor plan, between it and the full screen tour you can really picture the home.

Professionalism is high on Kerry’s list of attributes.  Our clients in a wide range of homes, locations and personality types have always found Kerry professional.  He has a warm easygoing nature that puts people at ease.  After shooting, Kerry is quick to return work to us and has been exceptionally flexible when our clients need a specific shot or deadline. 

I highly recommend the photography of Kerry Rudy for all applications.  

Elizabeth Landgraf
Corporate Services
Coldwell Banker Ackley Realty
Coldwell Banker Commercial Ackley Realty





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